Welcome to Yellowhead Inn

Welcome to the Yellowhead Inn, a mark of history on the Trans-Canada Highway.

The Yellowhead Inn has been a vital part of Edmonton’s industry since its construction in 1972. Since then, it has played host to the men and women who have laboured to make this province and this city as great as they are today. Many have come for the convenience of its location and the allure of its affordable room rates, and many more have come back for the friends they have made with the exceptional staff and guests.

The Yellowhead Inn offers an experience that no other hotel can boast of.

With 153 rooms, the Yellowhead Inn is among the largest of the hotels in West Edmonton. With rates as low as $85, our hotel is the most affordable and most reliable in the city. Its pride is also held in its numerous facilities, ranging from our full-service restaurant to banquet facilities, a bar, and brand-new VLTs in our lounge. It has been cared for with great consideration, as it boasts of its complete room renovations in the West Wing, the lobby, and public areas. In time, The Yellowhead Inn will be among the newest hotels in the city, as we continue to plan for the complete renovation of every room and public space.

And we will still be the most affordable hotel in the city.

Come and plan your next meeting in the Jaffer Boardroom. Come and host a birthday in the restaurant. Come and enjoy a wedding in the Veronica Ballroom. Come and put your feet up in Lucky’s Lounge after a long day. Come and experience the comfort of getting the nicest room in the city for a price beyond compare.

Come and experience the Yellowhead Inn, because we’re better.